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Be the Change You Want To See In Your Blog … September 15, 2014

Filed under: Writing — Aerin Rainey @ 10:47 am

Why is blogging so hard?  I’ve been trying to get this blog going for years now.  It’s still woefully unpopulated.

I can immediately think of three reasons why:

  1. I am really quite busy.
  2. I can’t make my blog page look the way I want it to look and it is so time-consuming trying to work it out through help menus and experimentation.
  3. I can’t think of anything to write.

I guess none of these reasons is really a major stumbling block. Schedule in some time, get over your perfectionist tendencies and just write.

It’s not a motivation or inspiration problem — it’s a discipline problem. Consistency and routine will solve this problem.  Taking my ego out of the equation will also help a lot.  By ego, I mean that judgey part of your mind that’s always working to keep you stuck in a rut.

So here I am, actually writing on my blog — how long should this post be?  Does it matter?  It will be done when it’s done.  Or when I run out of time.  So, how is it going to look?  I guess it doesn’t matter that much.  I’ll click “Publish” and it will stream into my site.  Worrying about the snazzy factor is definitely putting the horse before the cart.  Gotta have some words to present before designing the presentation.  So what to write about?  Well, I guess this is a bit of a stream of consciousness and the main subject is a bit boring.  Next time, I will focus on something that may be interesting to more people than just me!  At least I’ve set the bar pretty low …

I am hereby committing to stop making excuses, get in the good daily habits that include writing in this forum, and start being kind to myself so that I don’t put the brakes on before I even start rolling.


One Response to “Be the Change You Want To See In Your Blog …”

  1. Lee Ann Says:

    Way to go! Now keep’em coming!

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